This weeks charts for the Saturday 26th June show

Choose one TOP 40 song from each year or years you wish to choose from then send them in using the request box at the bottom of this page.
Escaped The 80s can be any big 80s artist or band that went on to have hits in the later decades - choose from 1990 to now.
B-Sides and Movie Soundtrack choices can be any from the 80s.
Links open in new windows, simply keep this page open click on "REQUEST NOW" and add all your choices to the box that pops up. Please add Year, Artist, and Song.
If your song doesn't get played there is every chance it will be played in a coming show as songs stayed in the charts for much longer back then.
Requests need to be received by 5pm Tuesday 22nd June for the above show. New links appear every Wednesday morning.


Just click the button below and fill in your requests

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